Each year, thousands of helicopter professionals gather at HELI-EXPO, the largest helicopter trade show and exposition in the world. They come to conduct business, network, attend professional education courses and, of course, see the latest in helicopters and related products and services. Being a HELI-EXPO sponsor puts your name in front of your peers as an international helicopter community leader.

HELI-EXPO has a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities — everything from receptions and golf tournaments to tote bags and bus wraps. HELI-EXPO Show Sponsorships give maximum exposure before thousands of HELI-EXPO attendees. HFI Sponsorships, offer you recognition as a supporter of Helicopter Foundation International’s (HFI) twin goals of preserving the heritage of the rotorcraft industry and ensuring that its future is bright. Finally, Helicopter Association International (HAI) offers Professional Education Sponsorships that get your message to a targeted audience of aviation professionals, as you support HAI's education initiatives.

If you already know what type of product, event, or platform you want to sponsor, or to view all the options, check out our Alphabetical List of Sponsorships. Or view our list of Sponsorships by Investment Amount to easily zero in on what fits your budget.

As a sponsor at HELI-EXPO, you’ll receive recognition before, during, and after the show. Best of all, HAI and HFI now offer Sponsorship and Recognition Bundles: when you invest in any HELI-EXPO sponsorships, your recognition level will be based on your total sponsorship investment.