Booth Type

Standard Booths

Standard booths are 10′ × 10′ (approximately 3.05m × 3.05m) or multiples thereof, unless otherwise indicated. Standard booths include standard framing materials; fabric backdrop, 8′ in height; draped divider rails, 3′ in height; and a standard booth identification sign bearing the exhibitor’s name. Carpet will be set on all main (numbered) aisles. The diagram to the right shows the height restrictions for standard booths.

Island Booths

Island booths is 20′ × 20′ or larger. Island booths are open on all four sides. The height restriction for island booths is 20′. Booth designs can use the entire cubic space up to the 20′ height restriction.

Back-to-Back 20′ × 20′ Booths

Some exhibitors need more depth than 10′, but their displays (pop-up booths and other configurations) do not work within the regulations of an island display. To help these exhibitors and the overall look of the show, we have created back-to-back 20′ × 20′ exhibit spaces. These spaces better allow for a back wall design, which will extend the full 20′ width, but are restricted to 16′ in height without prior written approval from HAI show management.

Double Deck and Covered Booths

Please contact HAI show management for special regulations pertaining to these exhibits and suitable locations.

Peninsula Booths

Also known as end-cap configurations, exhibits that are contiguous with 10′ × 10′ in-line displays but span the end of an aisle, are not available unless a space suited only to that configuration becomes available.

Static Booths – New Rules!

Static displays will be located inside the convention center. Assignments are subject to space availability. Static area is for the display of aircraft or the display or demonstration of other products. Examples include water buckets, tug/tow equipment, vehicles, and flight simulators. Three-foot (3′) draped divider rails will be provided for static display booths. Tables are allowed for the display of promotional materials only and may not exceed 3′ in height within 5′ of an aisle. Standard chairs are allowed. Absolutely no other furniture, office units, back or sidewalls, pop‑up exhibits, or audiovisual will be allowed. Carpet, floor covering, overhead/hanging signage, and specialty lighting will not be permitted in static booths. There will be no exceptions.

The above guidelines will be strictly enforced. Show management has the right to request that any nonstandard or excessive display items be removed immediately. Noncompliance by an exhibitor will result in complete removal of the exhibit or an increase in booth cost to standard booth pricing.


HELI-EXPO 2013 will have pavilions on the show floor dedicated to geographic regions or product/service categories. These areas will be marked with an overhead banner and matching aisle carpet to distinguish them from the rest of the floor. We hope this will make it easier for attendees to find particular countries or products/services they are interested in.

First-Time HELI-EXPO Exhibitor Pavilion. New to HELI-EXPO? We will have a pavilion area designated for first-time exhibitors. Show management will provide standard carpet in a predetermined color for this area.

International Pavilions. These pavilions are for companies interested in forming a pavilion of exhibitors from a particular region.

Product/Services Pavilions. These pavilions are for companies with similar products/services that would like to be located in a specific area on the show floor.
If you are interested in being a part of any of these pavilions, email with the subject line: HELI-EXPO 2013 Pavilions.

Note: Companies that fall into one of the above categories do not have to participate in a pavilion area. Pavilion booth spots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. A pavilion area may be cancelled if there is not enough participation.